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Sunday, June 7, 2020


How to earn money from Amazon bounty program?
What is Amazon bounty program?

You can earn lots of money from amazon bounty program. In addition to earning advertising fees by product category, you can also earn fixed fees from your advertising.You receive a fixed advertising fee once a referral that you sent from your website signs up for a subscription to an Amazon service – the fee you earn is called a 'bounty'.
Amazon offers many bounty programs such as Amazon prime
Amazon business
Amazon audible

What is Amazon prime?

( Screenshot of my mobile, representing my savings on Amazon prime)

  If you become a member of Amazon prime you will get many benefits,cashbacks and offers.You can sign up for monthly or one-year Prime membership by visiting You will be charged Rs. 129 per month or Rs. 999 per year for the Prime membership.

     If you opt for 1 year membership, you are saving Rs.549 In the subscription amount. 

          (-) 999

Benefits of joining Amazon prime membership :
1) Free delivery on listed amazon prime products.( One day & two day delivery on selected cities)
2) Watch amazon originals, movies, TV shows of many languages for free.
3)Ad-free streaming of millions of songs and music for free. you can download them offline.
4)Free prime reading: you can read eligible eBooks,comics and much more for free.
5)Play games free: Get free in game content from popular games.
6) Many discount offers and cashbacks are provided to Amazon prime members monthly from various merchants.
7) Prime members can avail 90 day free trial as against 30 day free trial for regular customers.

( My mobile screenshot attached for your reference )

Amazon prime membership offer !!

What is amazon business?

Amazon offers you A to Z guarantee for your business account.

  • Amazon Business is the one-stop destination for all your office needs.
  •  You can make your office purchases without any hassle by getting access to 15 crore+ products across 31 categories. 
  • You can also claim GST input tax credit for your purchases. 
  • You can save up to 28% on your purchases. You can  get business exclusive pricing. 
  • You can get quantity discounts for bulk orders.
  • You can get  doorstep delivery and easy returns and replacements for your order.

What is Amazon business !! Earn money !!

What is amazon audible membership?

You can listen to your favourite books anywhere anytime with the help of audible subscription. You need not read the book !! Just listen as listening to music !! Is It very interesting !!

What do you get from Amazon audible subscription?
1) You can get 1 credit a month, for any book regardless of price.
2) Members of audible can  get over 350 mins of handpicked listens for free, in addition to the monthly credit limit.
3) You can get 30% off purchasing any additional audiobooks.
4) You can  own your audiobooks and keep your audiobooks forever, even if you cancel them.
If you don't like the book , you can  exchange it and swap it for free.
5) You can listen to your books seamlessly across devices with audible app. Even if you switch your mobile devices, you will never lose your place and content.
6) You can listen to audible books on any Echo devices.
 7) You can get  free exclusive audiobooks.
Prime members can avail 90 day free trial as against 30 day free trial for regular customers
8) You can listen to audible books anytime, anywhere while you are doing daily activities.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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